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Gaming in society

Gaming in Society is our program that combines the basics of gaming and esports with teaching a healthy lifestyle. Now that gaming has become an integral part of society, it is time to teach children to keep a good balance between gaming and other activities. The teaching package focuses on responsible and healthy gaming and working on the skills needed to learn and work in the 21st century. Gaming in Society is available for primary education (groups 6, 7, 8) and School care. In addition, it is a nice solution for the extended school day, sports and games days, thematic days or weeks.

Gaming as a hobby

Gaming has become an integral part of society as a hobby, sport or educational tool. If we look at primary education, a 2019 study shows that 89% of children play games. Of these, 38% game daily. Boys play games more than girls. Gaming declines after primary education. Only 19% of 16-year-olds still game on a daily basis. (Source: of the Trimbos Institute)


Although many parents have difficulty with their child's gaming behaviour, research has shown that gaming is highly beneficial. In addition to being a way to relax and have fun, it provides cognitive, motivational, emotional and social benefits. So gaming isn't that bad, provided it's done responsibly. And that is exactly what they want to achieve at House of Esports with Gamen in de Maatschappij.

Link with healthy lifestyle

The premise is that children have an intrinsic motivation to get better at a game. This attitude is used to playfully teach them knowledge and skills in the field of lifestyle. For example, the teaching package links the benefits in the cognitive, motivational, emotional and social areas to knowledge and skills in the area of ​​lifestyle. Someone who sleeps well, eats healthy and gets enough exercise will score better in all areas than someone who does the opposite. By making children aware of this at an early age, they learn to keep a good balance between gaming and other activities. They learn how a healthy lifestyle affects their daily functioning and their gaming skills.

The teaching package

The lesson package consists of 18 lessons gaming and healthy lifestyle of 1-1.5 hours. Each lesson is guided on the basis of a PowerPoint and a manual for the teacher. There are workbooks for the students. The lessons are in principle easy to give yourself if you are handy with gaming and the hardware. If you are not, then the lessons can also be given by employees of House of Esport. A train-the-trainer is also available.

Lesson structure

Each lesson starts with the GameGym warm-up. Have some fun moving. This is followed by a block of instruction & theory based on the Power Point. Children work here with their workbook. Then it's time for gaming and coaching. The children also learn to coach each other. The lesson ends with a reflection on the lesson. It is possible to plan a healthy eating or drinking break.

Theme day or theme week: Gaming in society

In addition to the aforementioned teaching package, House of Esports also offers options for theme days or theme evenings. Or even an entire themed week, which is entirely devoted to gaming as part of young people growing up and learning in the 21st century. As a school you take care of the location, we take care of the rest. A few ideas that we organize in short or multi-day meetings.

  • The better gamer is in balance, learn what a gamer has to work on to become a top esports player
  • VR in the classroom: Virtual Reality lessons on various topics
  • Media and Technology: Game design, game development, streaming, making digital music
  • GameGym with FIFA, Mario Kart, Just Dance and Fortnite in the gym
  • Parents Evening Inspiration Session: the impact of gaming on the family, schoolwork and the parent/child relationship
  • Parent-child tournament: working on the parent-child relationship through a tournament